The senior years of a student’s education can be a stressful time for both parents and the student alike. Tim Dansie Psychology provides a mentoring / counseling service for students and parents with the focus being on the following:

  • Academic assessment to establish realistic expectations as to what can be achieved by a student at school
  • Career planning to assist in the setting of goals for study
  • Time Management to help students understand how they use their time and how to allocate time during the week to study
  • Timetable planning to allow students to see when they are going to study throughout a week and what is ahead of them in regard to assignments and exams
  • Opening up communication lines between parents, teacher and the student so everyone is clear about how a student is coping with the workload
  • Stress Management skills are taught to help students cope with the pressure of the senior years

The Coaching / Mentoring program has become very popular with parents and students alike with many students continuing on into University and the program.